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Temporary Crown Resin

Temporary Crown Resin

Category:Dental Clinical Product

Package Specification::70 g/mixed gun cartridge (mixing tip #6)

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Applications : For chairside direct fabrication of short-term temporary crown and bridge restorations within a personalized mouth

1.Multi-unit bridges

2. Partial or full crowns

3.Inlays and high inlays

4.Anterior veneers

Package Specification70 g/mixed gun cartridge (mixing tip #6)



Shades : A1,A2,A3,A3.5,B1,B3,C2,BL

Performance Advantage

1.As a temporary crown and bridge material, it has very good strength. Few bridges break, reducing the patient's unnatural re-visits and saving more time and money.


2.Good precision makes the edge of the temporary restoration closed very well, better protection of the tooth tissue and the edge of the preparation, reducing the stimulation of the tooth. Neighboring contact area can be achieved with almost no trimming for a perfect result.


3.Outstanding aesthetics, new fillers are added to the resin matrix, which makes it very polishable and has very strong anti-staining properties.


4.Good biocompatibility, almost no free monomer release. Minimize the stimulation of periodontal and dental tissues.


5. Mixing with pressure-feeding gun is simple and convenient and reduces waste and oxidized layer, which makes the temporary crowns more effective.


6.Simple operation, the material has a long elasticity period, ideal working time and curing time; it is also easy to repair the cured temporary restorations with resin-based materials.


Technical Parameters

At room temperature of 23°C and 50 per cent water vapour saturation, the operating times are as follows.







Injected into the mouth


Solidifies in the mouth


take out of the mouth


Fully solidified


Overhaul complete