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Extra Light Body

Extra Light Body

Category:Silicon Impression Material

Packaging:50ml/bio-cartridge, 2 bio-cartridges/box

Expiration date:2 Years(Store at 5-27 ℃ at room temperature)

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● Edentulous impressions

● Dental implant impressions

Packaging: 50ml/bio-cartridge, 2 bio-cartridges/box

Expiration date: 2 Years(Store at 5-27 ℃ at room temperature)


● Super high fluidity, high toughness and not easy to break

● Ultra-thin impression layer, the thickness can reach about 10μm

● Good hydrophilic properties during the impression taking process

Technical Data: 

Working Time 1'30″ 
Setting Time in Mouth 4'30″ 
Tensile Strength >2.0
Tear Strength>3.0 
Elastic Recovery>96.5%
Hardness Shore A 48
Dimensional Stability <0.5%