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There are 215 kinds of teeth in our factory. There are 90 kinds of upper teeth. There are 65 kinds of lower teeth. There are 60 kinds of posterior teeth. There are European, Asian, American, and African types by region.

1. Two color acrylic resin teeth. Physical properties: Vickers hardness 22hv. The bending strength is 125 MPa. The wear resistance is 450ml.

2. Two layer color IP resin teeth. Physical properties: Vickers hardness 30hv. The bending strength is 128 MPa and the wear resistance is 2.3 ml.

3. Three layer color super high molecular weight resin teeth. The physical properties are: Vickers hardness 35hv, bending strength 130Mpa. The wear resistance is 1.5ml.

3、 More complete color, can be customized vitals 16 colors and 29 colors of each color of teeth. Can also be processed according to the needs of customers.

4、 The price is the lower price of the same product.

5、 Can also be based on customer requirements, provide the required form of special processing.